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The micro-current advanced technology delivers rapid results giving effective relief from pain and aids the body’s natural healing process.

Are you suffering with the pain of injuries or a chronic condition?

Sports Injuries, Fall, Car Accidents
…aid the recovery from many injuries including
Whiplash, Acute or Chronic Back & Neck Pain
Inflamed Ankles, Knees & Elbows
Groin Strain, Achilles Tendon
Ligaments & Tendons Damage
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Muscle Fibrosis
Burns, Wound Healing and Scarring,
Sprains & Strains

Relief from chronic conditions
…treatments can also give relief from
Arthritis / Bursitis
Headaches and Migraines
Muscle Spasms
Hearing & Vertigo

Who should choose Micro-current as the therapy of Choice?

Anyone who expect to get a recovery other than just pain relieving. Anyone who has the desire to uproot the condition. It is a treatment you should attempt before you opt for surgery or intend to do anything more drastic or even before you decided to take painkillers.

Who should avoid Micro-current?

Patient who are pregnant & patient with cardiac pacemakers should notify the therapist on registration.

Usually, how long is the treatment course last?

It depends on the severity of the problem. After the first treatment, many patients feel so good as if they have fully recovered. In order to achieve the up-root effect, you are advised to have consecutive treatments for at least 6 sessions (every other day) to avoid recurrence. For severe cases that have history of many years you may need to take even longer therapy sessions to reinforce the results.

Should I start treatment right after injury or wait until swelling subsides?

It is vital to start treatment right after injury even before it started to swell up as in the case of Acute Sprain Ankle. The sooner the treatment, the faster the recovery, the sooner the healing process. Any delay in the healing would lead to more injury as it is nature to avoid pain so one would walk limping and spread the injury to other group of muscles or even the other leg.

Should I stop exercising to avoid further injury?

Patient is encouraged to start their normal regime of exercise with caution ASAP, as early as 3 days to one week after starting of Micro-current Therapy. That is usually half way through the recovery process. The reason is that we aim to bring back the patient to his/her pre-injury condition in the quickest possible manner.



Inflammation relief100%
Pain relief99%
eliminate toxins from affected site 98%
improvement in energy 97%
How Micro-Current can help you with chronic pain?

For patients with chronic pain, micro-current therapy can be a godsend. Our track record is particularly good for intractable conditions such as fibromyalgia, neuropathy, shingles, sciatica, diabetic ulcers, and other conditions that often fail to respond to conventional treatments.

Micro-current therapy is a part of our pain relief protocol, and in addition to the conditions listed above, it is also an excellent treatment for injuries. When NFL player Terrell Owens sustained a severe injury to his ankle six weeks prior to the 2005 Super Bowl, everyone assumed his season was over. Terrell credits his ability to play—not to mention his spectacular performance—to micro-current treatment with the Acuscope/Myopulse System. Micro-current therapy is rapidly becoming a favorite of professional athletes and sports teams.

In addition to pain relief and better functional status, many of our patients also report improvements in energy, mood, and sense of well-being after being treated with micro-current therapy. Micro-current works synergistically with nutritional supplements to help patients avoid surgeries and reduce or eliminate their need for prescription drugs.


Any precautions needed after the pain relief treatment?
Due to its special characteristics, please observe the following important points in order to achieve the best results from the treatment.

1. During the treatment period, Micro-current serves to eliminate the toxins from the affected site into the general blood circulatory system. Therefore it is vital to drink plenty of water, otherwise toxins unable to excrete out of the body efficiently, would return to where it were and lead to undue heaviness and achy feeling.

2. Please make sure you drink at least 8 glasses = 2 litres of filtered or boiled tap water or natural spring water (Avoid drinking distilled water). If you can take electrolyte drinks, 350ml per day would help to eliminate the toxins more effectively.

3. Avoid drinking Tea, Coffee, Coca Cola & Alcohol which would dehydrate the body, rendering collection of the toxins. Please also avoid smoking.

4. For the first week of treatment, please avoid strenuous activity and have plenty of rest – which would enhance the beneficial effect the therapy.

Importance of Acupuncture points/ Trigger points in Micro-current therapy:
The various trigger points in our body are exactly electrical switches. Combining the knowledge in acupuncture & trigger points by directing Micro-current through certain switches, our body would be able to trigger the healing process much more effectively.

The healing effect of Micro-current verses TENS and the conventional medication:
Medications: block the brain’s realization of the pain.
TENS: block the afferent input of the pain to the brain.
Micro-current: work to decrease pain by reducing the cause of pain and altering the electrical activity surrounding the injured area to promote healing.

A study (by Cheng et al.) found that Micro-current is able to increase Adenosine Triphosphate, ATP production 3-5 folds < to augment membrane transport, which increase nutrients into the area to boost protein synthesis>
(Please note: Micro-current also will take toxins (collected after the trauma) out from the injured site, making room for the increased new nutrient uptake to the area).

Book Review on:
“Electro-medicine: The other side of Physiology” by Dr. Robert Becker
“Electricity was first used to treat surface wounds over 300 years ago, when charged gold leaf was found to prevent small-pox scars…in the 1960s Dr. Becker demonstrated that an electrical current is the trigger that stimulates healing, growth and regeneration in all living organisms….

Physiology students in North America are still taught that life is based on a chemical model…it is more helpful to view it on an electrochemical basis. All atoms ( the building blocks of all matter, including our bodies) are bonded electrically….a basic foundation necessary to understand electro-medicine… Lack of updated education for health care professionals is the main stumbling block to acceptance of the theory and practice of electro-medicine.”

“Becker (1982) has reasoned that an electromagnetic field exists that controls all life processes. The earliest concept of such field effects can be traced back to ancient China. Traditional Oriental Medicine is based on the controlling power of ch’i or qi energy, a concept that predates electricity but appears to be analogous….. “The Body Electric” by Robert O. Becker, MD and Gary Selden.

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