Welcome to Ideal Glow

With us you can enjoy a personalized treatment using the latest micro-current procedures by combining a cozy atmosphere with age-defying aesthetical treatments. We started our business in 2005 and have continued adding to our practice each year. A pioneer in non-invasive micro-current skin rejuvenation, IDEAL GLOW is a Skin & Wellness Studio utilizing state-of-art equipment and techniques.


Our philosophy is simple; to treat you as a whole, helping you achieve health, and radiance. With our expertize you can look forward to awesome results, we embrace a distinctive philosophy of skin & wellness treatments that will pamper your skin with highly specialized procedures under the umbrella of wellness knowledge.


Our goal is to exceed your expectations, and delight you with results that are nothing short of flawless.


Our professionals are trained in the specific disciplines they practice. Specialized technology, protocol and product education is the next step they take for advanced certifications.

We will continue to educate every year. We take pride in keeping up with the many changes within the growing holistic & beauty industry. We strive to continue to offer the best procedures on the market today.


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We recommend booking your appointments at least 4 weeks in advance, or prior to leaving the studio, to ensure we can accommodate your needs.

We require at least twenty-four hours notice to cancel any appointment, and a credit card number is needed to hold your reservation. Please note that once an appointment is booked–unless we hear otherwise–We’ll expect you to be there.
‘No Show' appointments will be charged in full to the card number with which they were held.
We ask all new clients to complete a client intake form before all treatments. Arriving late means your service time will be shortened. We want you to get the most of your treatment.
We will gladly exchange your unused product within seven days from purchase date for merchandise credit only. Like a pharmacy, no returns or exchanges can be given on prescriptive grade products. No refunds or transfers are permitted on packages or series.
Local checks are welcome with a current MN driver’s license. The dollar limit is $99. If returned, there will be a $35 forgiveness fee.
Package sales are final. No guarantees are made as the effectiveness is determined by many factors, controllable and otherwise. No refunds or transfers are permitted. Many services are packaged to provide optimum results for the clients. If the appointments are not scheduled, as recommended, the results may not be effective.
Tipping is not required, but appreciated, when your service is well done.
Special savings, coupons, discounts, etc. cannot be combined. Please enjoy one savings opportunity per visit.


Regardless of what studies are looked at, most concur with and support the conclusion that healthy cellular function is necessary for a healthy, vibrant body, including the appearance of skin and muscle tone.

People understand that, as the human body ages, there exists a natural degradation of cellular function, which is representative of a lack of ATP synthesis ultimately responsible to power the cell.

It is also known that specific outside sources, including micro=current, light-activated rejuvenation, and  Essential Oils technology, can have a substantial impact on the stimulation of ATP synthesis, as well as work in harmony with the natural functions of the body. There is little doubt that humans are all electrical beings and that ATP is truly the current of life.

Having said this, the ability to stimulate ATP synthesis certainly brings people one step further in the pursuit of unraveling the mysteries of the fountain of youth!!!