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Overview of the Basics of Stress Relief Therapy:

WHO NEEDS IT? – Anyone with stress (isn’t that everyone in the world today?) Especially those whose tension and anxiety is influencing their condition – making it worse and more difficult for the body to heal itself. Tension headaches are highly responsive to this therapy.

WHAT IS IT? – Trans-cranial micro-current therapy with the causes the brainwaves to entrain to (conform, mimic) an Alpha pattern while in treatment mode. This enables the patient to experience relaxation, release tension in the mind, distributing relaxing waveform signals throughout the body via the nervous system. It can be a way for a patient to learn how to feel relaxed; and if instructed properly in breathing and other relaxation techniques, the individual can then reach this relaxed state on his/her own.

WHEN TO DO IT? – Relaxation Treatments can be administered before OR after other types of therapy such as manual adjustment, massage, ultrasound – but NOT ever in conjunction with any other electrical stimulation (exception: can be combined with the Acuscope’s companion instrument for soft tissue treatment, the Myopulse). A patient may have this trans-cerebral treatment each time they come in for an appointment. It would be highly beneficial for them to come in for this treatment once or twice weekly while undergoing pain management therapy; then on a wellness maintenance schedule once per week or twice monthly thereafter.

WHY DO IT? – Trans-cranial micro-current Relaxation Treatments will enhance the overall electro-chemical ability of a body to repair itself by adjusting the type of signals generated by the brain. As seen on an electro-encephalograph, Alpha brainwave patterns indicate a relaxation response. After a trans-cerebral treatment, scans have indicated a relaxation response. Ample medical/scientific research has shown that a relaxed state of mind promotes healing.

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